Tax justice instead of tax havens

According to experts, up to USD 32,000 billions are located in accounts at tax havens. The main part of that money remains untaxed. According to the European Commission, the EU States alone lose tax revenues of EUR 1,000 billions a year caused by aggressive tax avoidance strategies pursued by multinational corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals. This is also evident, if one looks at the most recent scandals around FootballLeaks, BahamasLeaks, LuxLeaks and the Panama Papers. International corporations and the super-rich that are funnelling their money through tax havens are thriving.
That is far from the case for the average citizen: In the wake of the financial and economic crisis, many EU Member States have raised taxes and cut benefits. For many that represents a double burden. In numerous countries people have less money to live on. Public services lack adequate resources to meet the needs of people, aggravating poverty and inequality.
The unfair tax practices of multinational corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals urgently need to be stopped. They should also make a fair contribution to the common good, for example for education, employment and stimulus packages, health care, public infrastructure and research.

Let’s fight against tax havens – please help us!

We want to remind the policymakers at EU level of their responsibility to citizens. They should actively push for fair taxation. Please join us in putting pressure on the policy makers!

Put pressure on EU policymakers with calls for action

Within the framework of calls for action relating to certain tax issues such as the taxation of corporations, we directly urge MEPs, EU Commissioners and/or Ministers from the EU Member States to take concrete measures that should ensure an end to tax havens and care for more tax justice.
However, the help of our supporters is of vital importance: the more people support us, lending their names and email addresses to the individual calls for action, the greater the pressure on policymakers at EU level to support tax justice instead of representing the interests of individual major corporations.

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We constantly inform about the stage of the negotiations on measures against tax havens and for tax justice: The ‘Nototaxhavens’ website provides current information on the stage of negotiations in EU institutions on the most important issues concerning tax havens and tax justice. Furthermore, all supporters have the opportunity of subscribing to the Newsletter.

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Alliance partners of the campaign

A number of alliance partners are already supporting the ‘Nototaxhavens’ initiative against tax havens and for tax justice:

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You are the representative of an organisation and would like to join the campaign? Contact us: We shall be happy to inform us about your advantages as an alliance partner of ‘Nototaxhavens’!